Your Dallas Fort Worth employees will have a truly fantastic break room experience.

At Dallas Fort Worth, we believe in providing our employees with a truly fantastic break room experience. We understand that taking breaks and having a relaxing environment can greatly contribute to employee well-being and productivity. That’s why we have designed our break rooms to be inviting, comfortable, and enjoyable for all our employees.

The Most Recent Modern Technology Meets
Outstanding Break Room Service

Touch-Free Technology

Credit card readers, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet are all convenient payment methods for Vending Machines and Micro-Markets.

Wireless Communication Technology

It increases efficiency! We can quickly detect which products are selling in order to ensure that we only offer you the finest of the best!

Modern Technology

Who doesn't appreciate cutting-edge technology? Our vending machines are outfitted with cutting-edge technology such as brilliant, LED lights.

Mobile Application

Go straight to the source. Send product selection requests, initiate refunds, and more directly to the vending operator.



Connects to our internal wifi software to detect which items in their warehouse require pre-picking, ensuring we are always adequately stocked!

Design on Demand

We can design bespoke fixtures to match the specifications of your break room, as well as personalised signage with your company name! Complete personalization!

Product Delivery Guaranteed

Our guaranteed product delivery mechanisms ensure that you get exactly what you want – or your money back. If the snack you chose does not drop when you purchase it, your money will be swiftly returned to you! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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